1–2–3 guide how to claim and receive HASH tokens as Bounty Campaign ends

Hello Hashbon Community!

First, we would like to thank you all warmly for the huge support over the past few months. It is time to grant well-deserved tokens to the newborn HASH holders — the Bounty Campaign will be over on May 4.

Now we are excited to start a distribution of HASH! This post outlines the instructions for Bounty Program participants on how to claim BEP-20 HASH tokens.


HASH is a utility token in the heart of Hashbon FiRe crypto payment ecosystem powered by both CeFi and upcoming DeFi products and projects. …

We call our project FiRe — Finance Reinvented. Let’s discover why

Who we are

Over latest 5 years, Hashbon’s vision has been to bring crypto payments to day-to-day life of businesses and crypto enthusiasts. Established in the Czech Republic in 2016, the company provides fully-fledged cryptocurrency payment services both to businesses and individual users worldwide. In 2021, thousands of merchants and users trust Hashbon to process their crypto payments.

Hashbon FiRe Ecosystem

In 2021, Hashbon brightly sparkles on the cryptocurrency market scene — burning the frames, limits and barriers like a FiRe.

“Finance Reinvented” became our mission and moto appealing to all crypto enthusiasts and community…


Crypto is not a rocket science with Hashbon — accept payments in Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDT, Dash & 30+ most popular cryptocurrencies, receive in crypto & EUR

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