Roadmap: Hashbon Rocket’s long-lasting journey

Hello Hashbon Community!

On the 9th of September, Hashbon Rocket CDEX Beta launches and we are looking forward to share this moment together with you. Owing to this game-changing release, Hashbon FiRe enters a new stage of development for its crypto payment ecosystem, in order to reinvent for the DeFi world.

We have already started the countdown –– join us to see 00:00:00 on the clock and witness the birth of the first-ever CDEX in real time!

But this is just a beginning of the long journey. We are creating a decentralized multi-functional financial services ecosystem. All services are based on DeFi — it is important for us to create applications that will cover various areas of financial relations such as:

What’s next?

When the idea of creating Hashbon Rocket was in its infancy, we envisioned it becoming a multi-functional DeFi platform — far from a standard DEX alone. Please see the most comprehensive demonstration of our intentions and plans in our Roadmap.

Hashbon Rocket development steps

Step 1

As an MVP, Hashbon Rocket has the capability to exchange any ERC-20 token for any BEP-20 token and run a new generation of true decentralized cross-chain exchange (CDEX).

Hashbon Rocket is fueled by HASH token and governed by a fully decentralized network of arbiters (HASH holders) where users will face a 6-step algorithm: Offer, Order, Payment, Marking order as paid, Order and Payment data, and Votes. Arbiters provide the system with security and transparency while the token buyer receives verification of the validity of the transaction, excluding any errors.

Step 2

Hashbon Rocket extends the boundaries by adding more EVM-compatible blockchains. The platform will support Ethereum Classic, Polygon, Fantom, Huobi Eco, and xDai to complete the list of supported blockchains available.

In addition, Hashbon Rocket will add Oracles functionality and launch various algorithmically tokenized assets. The oracle network can provide information on the prices of shares of Tesla, Apple, Google, etc. which will allow for the creation of tokenized stocks.

Step 3

Hashbon Rocket will launch a crowd-sale platform to make it possible for users to take part in the project using digital strings of code in order to secure funding for their own platforms. This will contribute to attracting investments for startups.

Hashbon Rocket will add the functionality of DeFi lending in the form of issuing DeFi bonds — various companies can issue bonds using smart contracts, as well as make payments on them.

Hashbon Rocket will start staking third-party tokens. Staking of HASH tokens through arbiter nodes and third-party projects both can result in rewards being earned.

In order to contribute to Hashbon Rocket and sit at its forefront, you can visit the Hashbon Pre-Sale page granting the early-bird pass to HASH.

If you still have a questions on why DeFi is the future of finance, just deep-dive into articles by CoinTelegraph or CoinDesk.

Stay tuned!

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