Join the Hashbon Rocket Staking Referral program to get an extra 10% in earnings!

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4 min readDec 20, 2021


Greetings, HASHtronauts!

Are you earning HASH tokens using Hashbon’s native staking with up to 171.46% APY?

If you aren’t, it may be time to start. Why, you may ask?

Because we’re excited to announce that we’ve added a feature that could provide all HASH holders with an additional revenue stream — the Hashbon Rocket Referral Program!

+1 Stream of Revenue

We’re constantly thinking of ways through which HASH holders could benefit using HASH and Hashbon Rocket. With this in mind, we’ve introduced a feature that is advantageous to all HASH stakers — The Hashbon Staking Referral Program.

In fact, if you share your referral link with friends and family, you get extra earnings. You can now find your referral link and share it with as many people as you’d like. Once you start staking, you’ll be assigned a unique link. This link will guarantee you 10% of the rewards your referrals make in staking.

How can you take part? — We understand that you may have questions, which is why we’ve prepared a comprehensive FAQ to answer all of your possible questions.

All Your Questions Answered: FAQ

1What is the Hashbon Staking Referral Program?

Hashbon Rocket’s Staking Referral Program is a unique opportunity for all Hashbon Rocket users and HASH holders.

Now any user can invite their friends (there is no limit on the number of referrals per user) to join Hashbon’s Staking and its Referral Program — and get rewards for it. To get maximum profit, share your personal Hashbon Staking referral link and start inviting your friends, family and other crypto enthusiasts to register. You’ll receive your benefits in return.

2How does it work?

Each Hashbon Rocket user is assigned a one-of-a-kind referral link. When you want to share this link with your friends and make them a part of the decentralized future, you just copy the referral link and send it to them. Once they stake, you, as an owner of the referral link, gain 10% of your friend’s earnings.

3Where is my referral link?

You can find it right below the button “Smart contract” on the left side panel — “Copy Referral Link”. Just click it and share the copied link with a friend.

4What referral rewards can I receive?

You will receive 10% of your friends’ earnings.

5 Who can participate in the Referral Program?

Our doors are open for each crypto enthusiast. It’s important to keep in mind that we follow some rules. When staking you will have to sign a contract stating that you aren’t and never was a resident/citizen of the USA. For more info, please see Staking FAQ.

6Why would I participate in the Referral Program?

With the introduction of the referral program, HASH holders gain one more revenue stream through owning HASH tokens and participating in Hashbon Rocket’s DeFi ecosystem.

Depending on how many friends you’ve invited and how much they’re staking, this revenue stream may become substantial.

7Do I need to pay to participate?

Joining the Hashbon Staking Referral Program is completely free of charge, all you need to start your way is to start staking HASH and send your link to others. Please keep in mind that when interacting with any smart contract (in this case, the staking contract), the Binance Smart Chain will require a transaction fee. It should be a small amount so please make sure you have enough BNB to cover transaction costs.

8How long will the Referral Program last?

The Referral Program will last for the entire duration of the staking (not less than a year from December, 9, 2021.)

9 Where can I find support for technical questions?

You can find support on all rising issues through the Hashbon community. Not only Hashbon Rocket founders will help you, but there are a lot of members ready to help. Feel free to ask any question, but don’t forget about community rules — be respectful to everyone. You can join the chat here.

10When will I receive the referral reward?

You will get your referral reward as your friends receive their staking earnings. This means that when your friends receive their staking rewards, you’ll in turn receive your percentage accordingly.

11How can I check my commission history?

Your commission history is described in the staking smart contact, you can see it anytime you need.

12 How many people can I invite?

There is no limit on how many people you can invite through your referral link. You can invite as many as you’d like, meaning that your profit will grow with every person you invite while at the same time, making HASH token more sustainable.

What Now?

Now that the Hashbon Referral Program has launched, there is an additional benefit in staking your BEP-20 HASH tokens. Not only will you get HASH as a reward for staking, but you can also invite others, including friends and family to stake HASH and generate a passive income.

The referral program offers these benefits and more, as HASH token gets solidified and gains notoriety while becoming a more sustainable utility token, fueling the Hashbon Rocket ecosystem.

Don’t miss out! If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact us through our Telegram channel or through the comment section below.

P.S. A special thank you goes out to all of our HODLers and stakers. You are the real MVP!

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