Hashbon’s Roadmap Updated

Hello Hashbon Community,

Today, on the very first day of 2022 spring, we are presenting Hashbon’s Roadmap 2.0 — the guide on our future ambitions and vision on company’s and products’ development.

“This is our top-line strategic vision of Hashbon FiRe ecosystem’s development and enrichment of our products in line with requests of our community and market trends. Roadmap 1.0 was focused on expanding to DeFi sector, we have succeeded on almost every point of it — now it’s time to dive deeper into our plans and diversification of our products and features upon the demands,” — comments Leo Lapidus, Chief Product Officer at Hashbon.

The Roadmap is available on Hashbon’s GitBook — the progress of its implementation can be tracked there in the real time!

Let’s move further into details — what is waiting all of us onboard?

Q1 2022

HASH token on Polygon

Farming on Hashbon Rocket

Decentralized network of arbiters on Hashbon Rocket

+1 blockchain integrated in Hashbon Rocket

Q2 2022

Improving Hashbon React

Decentralized ID project release

Staking & farming of third-party coins

Q3-Q4 2022 / 2023

Mobile dApp for Hashbon Rocket


Tokenized assets protocol & Oracles functionality

Updated mobile app for Hashbon React

POS terminal for Hashbon React

More blockchain integration in Hashbon Rocket

IDO platform

It is important to understand that this edition can not be final — things and obstacles do not always match our expectations and there will be hurdles along the way, but we are fast to adapt and continue to innovate on the path of our ambitions and Hashbon Community’s inputs.

We are open to all ideas, comments and valid criticism from members of crypto communities, being always in the search for demanded and convenient solutions to improve our products and reinvent finance.

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