Hashbon Weekly Report 06/12

Dear Hashbon Community!

First of all, we’d like to say thank you for all the support you’ve given us this far! We’ve been enjoying providing you with weekly reports so we’ve made some more! Here is some freshly-baked news about our Hashbon Rocket’s progress. Get them while they’re hot! We’ve had a productive week and are looking forward to what’s coming up for all of us! Now let’s jump right into your weekly dose of Hashbon Rocket — insider edition!


  • Finalized our native staking page for Hashbon Rocket. You will check it out very soon! Finalizing terms and conditions, creating guides and FAQ, updating the main page with staking announcements and changing its front-end functionality for a more user-friendly interface.
  • Updated the DAPP design: Swap form, Modular window for transactions, placed the menu horizontally on the top side of the page.
Rocket’s updated User Interface

Product and Business Development

Announcement Banner
  • Dedicating increased efforts to our improved and detailed roadmap 2.0.
  • We have released payments to our Telegram and Twitter bounty participants.
  • HASH token is back to being tracked by CoinMarketCap. Thanks a lot to all who supported us and waited for resolution of this issue!

Marketing & PR

  • A Reddit post was published on “How to make money on the difference of HASH token’s price discrepancy on different networks” In one of the most prominent crypto subreddits “r/CryptoMars”. The post was featured as one of the TOP publications.
Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/CryptoMars/comments/r86gmu/how_to_make_money_on_difference_of_price_on/
  • We have announced the two giveaway winners of the “Funniest Hashbon Rocket meme!” contest. You guys have showcased talent, however, 2 have captured the public’s heart!!
Winning post #1
Winning post #2
  • A post about Hashbon Rocket and how to become a liquidity provider appeared on the r/Binance subreddit and got into the TOP of publications.If you would like to become a liquidity provider and create a pool, please contact us As@hashbon.com.
Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/binance/comments/r85dns/true_decentralized_crosschain_exchange_is_our/

Team & Company

  • We have partnered up with an additional TikTok creator as part of our marketing efforts to extend our reach.

Stay tuned for more weekly updates as we document the development of our Rocket!

P.S. Remember to HODL HASH!

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