Hashbon Weekly Report 24/01

Greetings, HASHkeepers!

We’d like to start off by wishing you all a great, productive and fruitful new year!

Additionally, we’d like to give you all a wonderful thank you for showing us the support you did during our AMA with Unifarm. We hope you’ve enjoyed it as much as we did.

This new year will be full of surprises as we take our Ecosystem to the next level. We have a lot to share with you, so without any further ado, let’s jump right into your weekly dose of Hashbon’s Weekly Report.

Business Development

  • Actively searching for new Merchants for our payment Gateway.
  • Actively searching for new Liquidity providers.
  • Researching the online game market for a possible collaboration through our payment gateway.

Marketing & PR

  • Updating the design of our Landing page.
  • Publishing ads on FaceBook as well as Instagram.
  • Product structure is being compiled.
  • Our first AMA with Unifarm has been successfully completed. We’ll be sending HASH tokens to the winners of the Twitter+Quiz sections.
Source: Hashbon+Unifarm Cross-AMA
  • Prepared and published a full transcript of the AMA on our Medium. If you missed the AMA, you can read the transcript right here. Feel free to ask us your questions through the comment section.
  • An article highlighting Hashbon Rocket as a replacement to the Binance Bridge has been trending on Reddit’s r/CryptoMarkets
Source: r/CryptoMarkets
  • An article was posted on DailyCryptoPost highlighting Hashbon Rocket’s Referral program.
Source: https://dailycryptopost.com/first-cross-chain-dex-hashbon-introduces-unique-referral-program-for-native-staking/
  • An article highlighting Hashbon Rocket’s staking referral program has been published on NewsBTC. They stated that the referral program is revolutionizing crypto staking, and that is true. This gives users an additional source of revenue, meaning that with HASH you can earn more, and quicker.
Source: https://www.newsbtc.com/news/company/how-projects-are-revolutionizing-crypto-staking-through-referral-programs/
  • An article highlighting Hashbon Rocket has been published on FXLeaders. The piece explores how we aim to transform the Decentralized Finance sphere for businesses and investors.
Source: https://www.fxleaders.com/news/2022/01/17/hashbon-aims-to-transform-finance-for-businesses-and-investors/
  • An article about Hashbon Rocket is trending on Reddit — r/SatoshiStreetBets
Source: Reddit — r/SatoshiStreetBets

Team & Company

  • We gained one more Business Development specialist. He’ll be developing the user base of our CeFi products.
  • Starting this week, we expect the release of a full-time HTML layout specialist.
  • Optimizing the organizational structure of the team.

On that note, we conclude this weekly report. We have a lot of news waiting to be shared. This year is proving to be a great one for Hashbon and HASHkeepers, so keep your eyes open for more news!

P.S. Don’t forget to Stake HASH and use the HASH staking referral program.

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Finance Reinvented Crypto Ecosystem. Including DeFi CDEX platform Hashbon Rocket, payment gateway Hashbon React and crypto wallet Hashbon Quant

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Finance Reinvented Crypto Ecosystem. Including DeFi CDEX platform Hashbon Rocket, payment gateway Hashbon React and crypto wallet Hashbon Quant