Hashbon Weekly Report 07/02

Greetings, HASHkeepers!

This week we have a lot planned for you all! We have some announcements that will take Hashbon FiRe to the next level! In addition, we have some news that you don’t want to miss, a lot of HASH Tokens are up for grabs! With that being said, let’s jump straight into our Hashbon Weekly Report — Insider edition.


  • Our Developers are working on a product that could revolutionize the verification process in the DeFi space. Make sure you follow up with our announcements because this is news that you don’t want to miss!

Product & Business Development

  • We’ve initiated the process of getting verified on CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko. The process is tedious but nothing is getting in the way of our FiRe!
  • A structure of products has been created indicating their readiness. This will ensure that our tasks are organized and that they’re finished based on their urgency, resulting in more effective task management.

Marketing & PR

  • The preparation stage of the new website creation has been completed. We’re starting the prototype stage this week. Stay tuned to be the first to see our new website once it launches!
  • We continue to grow our community on Twitter. Currently we’re approaching 5.5 thousand HASHkeepers! Follow us there so you don’t miss out on any Twitter-Exclusive events and giveaways.
Source: https://twitter.com/hashbon
  • We’re holding a Giveaway on Reddit! One lucky winner will receive 5,000 HASH Tokens. Make sure you check out our Reddit post so you can have a chance at winning 5,000 HASH Tokens for Valentine’s Day!

The rules are simple:

  1. Subscribe to r/hashbon
  2. Post a Hashbon Rocket or HASH token meme related to Valentine’s Day in any of these subreddits:
    r/CryptoCurrencyTrading r/CryptocurrencyICO r/binance r/shitcoinmoonshots r/CryptoMarsShots r/AllCryptoBets r/cryptocurrencymemes r/ethfinance r/CryptoMars r/CryptoMoon r/MarsWallStreet r/BSCMoonShots r/cryptostreetbets r/altcoin_news r/BSCcryptoListings r/CryptoMoonCoins
    *The subreddit r/Hashbon MUST be mentioned in your meme submission.
    *In the
    comments here, post a link to your post with the meme submission.
  3. The more memes you post, the higher your chance at winning is! The contest will be held for 1 week and one lucky winner will receive 5,000 HASH Tokens. Meme away, HASHkeepers!
Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/hashbon/
  • We’d like our community to be more engaged and active, which is why we’ve increased efforts dedicated to boosting community engagement.
  • The comment section of our BSC-scan profile has been filtered — scam comments, phishing attempts as well as negativity have all been removed in order to protect our community from malicious activity.
Source: https://bscscan.com/token/0xeb1112ac78d537853150e2a07e8b765e29d3f019#comments
  • We’ve started a PR campaign specifically targeting the Korean market. This means that we’re expanding our operation and we’re excited to see what the future holds for Hashbon FiRe and we hope that you are too!

Team & Company

  • Our team has gained a full-time HTML-Layout specialist.
  • We held a brainstorming session with the entire team actively taking part — as a result, we have developed a set of goals in order to help our Hashbon FiRe reach new heights.
  • Hashbon’s Family is growing — our wonderful colleague had a daughter! — this is the first child born in our team since the creation of Hashbon Fire! And we’d like to congratulate our very own Tanya as this is wonderful news that is worth celebrating!

If you like reading these updates, make sure you follow our social networks for all HASH-related news. We have some more exciting news coming your way so stay tuned!

P.S. Don’t forget to Stake HASH and refer your friends and family! Take advantage of our Hashbon Rocket staking referral program and generate an additional revenue stream today!

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Finance Reinvented Crypto Ecosystem. Including DeFi CDEX platform Hashbon Rocket, payment gateway Hashbon React and crypto wallet Hashbon Quant

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Hashbon FiRe

Finance Reinvented Crypto Ecosystem. Including DeFi CDEX platform Hashbon Rocket, payment gateway Hashbon React and crypto wallet Hashbon Quant