Hashbon + Unifarm = Cross-AMA

We’d like to start off by giving a huge thank you to the team behind Unifarm for hosting our first AMA! We had the pleasure of sharing recent news of Hashbon project and giving away $100 USD worth of HASH token to 10 lucky winners. Along the way, we also had a blast as our community (as well as the UniFarm community) got to know some of our team members and Hashbon Rocket a bit more intimitely. With that being said, on January 17th-18th, 2022 our cross-AMA has been concluded!

In order to celebrate a successful cross-AMA, we’d like to host a mini-AMA in the comment section while providing the transcript to our cross-AMA session for those who’ve missed it.

Two of our team members Andrey Svininnikov (Chief Business Development Officer) & Oxy Sherr (Chief Communication Officer) represented Hashbon while Rakesh from UniFarm hosted the AMA session.

Rakesh: Welcome to the UniFarm Community

A pleasure to have with us here:

Chief Business Development Officer : Andrey Svininnikov
Chief Communication Officer : Oxy Sherr

Thank you for joining us today for the AMA here!
We are good to go now!

Andrey: Hey! 👋

Oxy: Hello guys! ⭐️ Thanks for having us here!

Rakesh: Part 1: INTRODUCTION & Moderator Questions
Here, you tell us about yourself and other details about the project. Our moderator will ask 5 questions about the project and the roadmap.

Oxy: We are ready ☺️

Rakesh: Please introduce yourself to the UniFarm Community

Our Community would love to know more about your background and stuff

Oxy: My name is Oxy, I am charge of all communications and PR at Hashbon. Joined the team a year ago, previously having worked for 8 years in marketing and tech PR globally. Love crypto, IT, cars and art ✨

Rakesh: Wow that’s really cool 8 years in marketing you might be a gem
By the way I love Crypto, cars and arts

I believe we have much to discuss btw 😄👍

Oxy: Always welcome!

Andrey: My name is Andrey, I’m 31. I studied at Tomsk Polytechnic university, Institute of cybernetic.
I started my career in business development in 2014 in international sales and now I’ve accumulated over 5 years of Business Development experience and 2 years as an entrepreneur with my own business

Rakesh: Wow that’s a cool profile too, Andrey!
Would love taking tips of entrepreneurship if you allow me.
Nice meeting you!

Andrey: sure! It’s pleasure to be here 👍

Now let’s us quickly move on to Moderator Questions
Are you ready
Please say done when completed

I am blessed to have to have such experienced people guiding me

Moving to Question 1

I am very curious to know what is the background of Hashbon?
What is Hashbon Rocket?

Oxy: Nice intro, thank you! Let me briefly introduce our company and products 😊

Hashbon was founded in 2016 by Grigory Bibaev with the main goal in mind — to make crypto a more convenient everyday payment tool.
It all started with
CeFi products: a crypto wallet and a crypto payment processing gateway allowing for 0% commission fee to receive and send payments. In 2021 we decided to also join the DeFi revolution by creating the Hashbon FiRe digital ecosystem (FiRe is for “FInance REinvented”). We launched the cross-chain DEX and bridge Hashbon Rocket that is currently dedicated to facilitate ERC-20 <> BEP-20 tokens swaps, stake HASH token, create liquidity pools — more features are coming in 2022.

Rakesh: Payment gateway with 0% commision is really awesome.

DeFi is the space where we have plenty opportunities

I have gone through Hashbon and Hashbon rocket
The platform is awesome and would like to explore more of it

Yes, and it was covered by media in 2021, for instance, you can check the Yahoo Finance article here.

Rakesh: I also noticed that this is first such dedicated platform for it.
Cudos guys for the excellent work!

Oxy: Thanks!

Rakesh: Now let me move on to 2nd question

Congratulations for the successful launch of your bridge in 2021
What are Hashbon Rocket’s smart contracts? Our community would love to know how that works.

Oxy: Thank you very much for congratulations and all your kind words about Hashbon! 🙏

Smart contracts are the automated agreements that are written in code and stored on the blockchains with predetermined, immutable and irreversible conditions. DApps overwhelmingly rely on smart contracts as the key benefit of DeFi is an automation of tasks that traditionally require a third-party intermediary. They work like digital “if-then” statements between two (or more) parties.

For example, Hashbon Rocket’s smart contract holds the conditions of all possible transactions on the platform: token exchange flow, liquidity pool creation, etc. This is an open code that can be seen by anyone — Hashbon Rocket’s smart contract is published on GitHub.

Rakesh: Wow that’s really great to hear
DeFi space provides such transparency

Smart Contracts now a days are really rocking

Now let me shoot my next question

What are the benefits of holding HASH tokens?
What are the other chains and developments you would be expanding in the near future?

Oxy: Good question!

First, let me start with HASH — it is the utility and governance token fuelling the Hashbon DeFi & CeFi ecosystem. Our project is sustainable and has a demonstrated history of development since 2016. In 2021, we have reached all key milestones of our Roadmap 1.0 — release of HASH token and Hashbon Rocket MVP, the liquidity pool functionality and native staking with a referral program.

Holding any assets is beneficial if a project has a predetermined and organized plan for the platform’s long-term future. If the project grows, so will the digital asset tied to it. Shortly we’ll release our Roadmap 2.0 with more specific goals and timelines for 2022 and further.

As for upcoming blockchains and developments, we plan on supporting all EVM-compatible blockchains (Ethereum Classic, Matic, Fantom, Huobi Eco, xDai — learn more in our whitepaper), running farming and preparing something special in the NFT field. Stay tuned in our Community!

Rakesh: Great! Lets move on to Question no 4

Tell us more about recently launched staking. Why join ?

Andrey: Thank you for your question.
One of our major goals is to provide as many benefits as possible for HASH holders. By the way, that was the cornerstone of our partnership with UniFarm while launching a farming pool.
Via native staking on
Hashbon Rocket, we offer the highest APY (annual percentage yield) up to 171.46% available for BEP-20 HASH token. Besides, we provide the option of referring users to earn even more. Each referral that starts staking will provide you with 10% of their staking earnings. This amount isn’t taken out of the referee’s earnings, but matched by Hashbon Rocket and sent to your Hashbon Rocket staking earnings. While it’s beneficial to HODL, we don’t want our holders to just hold the token and wait. We want to help them earn right now by just owning HASH and staking it. If you’d like to join our family of stakers, we have a step-by-step guide in our Medium.

Rakesh: Referring also fetches decent amount of rewards

This Incentivises users like us to buy more $HASH tokens.

Andrey: yes, right!

Rakesh: Now lets move on to Final moderator question

Are there any benefits from utilizing Hashbon Rocket for crypto projects?
It looks like a good alternative to the recently terminated Binance Bridge.

Andrey: Yes, there are.

Hashbon Rocket serves as an alternative for the Binance Bridge, and we were pleased that a number of media outlets mentioned that. Our Rocket provides projects with a single all-in-one stop solution for exchanging their BEP-20 and ERC-20 tokens. This simplifies the process of buying tokens for their potential investors. When the Binance Bridge shut down, it created a gap in the market that Hashbon Rocket can fully fill. Currently we are negotiating with a number of projects — if your company is interested in cross-chain interoperability and looking for a bridge solution, please dm me or drop a line to as@hashbon.com.

Rakesh: I will surely suggest this to our team
By the way I explored your site It is simply outstanding and easy to access

Now lets move on to Part 2
Twitter Questions

We have picked the 5 best questions from Twitter
Let me start asking it
Shall I ?

Oxy: Yes,

Btw, guys, thanks a lot for all your comments and questions via Twitter!

Rakesh: Our first question is by Chainse Boy (@ChainseBoy):

On your website you don’t mention that you have done any internal or external audit of your smart contract, so can you give us details if you have done any audit before? And in case you haven’t, would you plan to perform any review of your smart contract in the near future?


Our smart contract has been audited by CertiK. Here’s where you can find the audit.
The audit request was completed before the platform went live. This was done as a part of our initiative in being transparent with our users and potential investors.

Rakesh: Ohhh thats cool. Now lets move on to question no 2 by Noti Grill @GrillNoti:
NFT is really a hot topic in the cryptocurrency market now. So how is your project planning to develop NFT then how is your project planning to integrate it with DeFi.

Oxy: Yes, NFT is really at the top of the market now!

Currently we have an upcoming NFT set in the works. We’re excited to announce it once it’s done, but it’s safe to say that we’re trying to make this NFT set unique with a comprehensive storyline.

One more thing is that we’re developing an idea that would merge the two worlds of non-fungible tokens and the DeFi world. We’re still developing this idea which is why we don’t want to spoil it! Stay tuned to hear more once this concept becomes a reality 😊

Rakesh: Merging NFT and DeFi world
That’s an amazing idea waiting for your future announcements.

By the way Open DeFi our sister organisation is planning for asset backed NFT’s which is scheduled to this quarter

Now let us move to our next question by Jacksparo98 @DXCornar:
Sir, Many DEFI platforms on the market don’t provide enough transparency to their users & investors. In particular, it is not known how the funds were evaluated. Could you tell us about your approach to TRANSPARENCY?

Andrey: Transparency is a very important point to bring up.

We took many steps to increase transparency between us and our investors. One of them is our Hashbon weekly report. We release a review every week disclosing what we did to make Hashbon FiRe and Hashbon Rocket better. These reports make sure that all aspects of Hashbon’s development are noted and shared with our community. Investors earned the right to know what is happening behind the scenes, which is why we regularly share our plans and developments with the Hashbon community.

Rakesh: Ohhh Thats really a cool idea
By the way we regularly follow our partner channels to announce our partner updates in DeFiverse

Our team follow it regularly

Thanks and let us move to our next question by Md SujonRana @Sujon_ran:
Your project name seems to be very interesting. Does it have any story behind it? Can you share us with the inspiron for approaching this name?

Oxy: Oh, I love this question ❤️

Hashbon in Hebrew means an invoice for payment that is brought to you in a restaurant (a restaurant check). Originally CeFi products consisted of a payment gateway Hashbon React and our wallet Hashbon Quant that were perfect for issuing or paying bills in crypto. So, it’s a catchy name that relates to Hashbon’s origins.

Rakesh: The name has so much detail in it,
Really cool name!

I got to know a word from Hebrew now☺️😃

Now let us move to our Final twitter question by Raj Babu @Raj_Babu9:

How can I do my research about your project? Do you have any whitepaper released and can you provide me all the social media links and blogs?


You can do your research by checking out our documents and reading about the project’s mission. Here are the links to our documentation:

Also we release weekly reports that highlight our progress on our Medium.
Here are the links to our social media pages:

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask us anything through our Telegram community! :)

Rakesh: Hey you are present in all social platforms and are superactive there!

Andrey: Of course! We’d like to keep all of our community members up to date no matter what platform they use.

Rakesh: Yes that’s true and we are here to benefit users

Congratulations to all the winners!

Oxy, Andrey, Please Share your Socials with our Community!

Thanks for joining us today
It was a great interactive session with you guys.
Thanks for your valuable time!

Oxy: If you found our project interesting or had fun in today’s AMA, be sure to follow our Telegram for all Hashbon-related updates and other social networks:


Rakesh: Don’t forget to join Hashbon for any further questions about the PROJECT. 💪🙌🙌

Andrey: Thank you Rakesh and UniFarmers!
It was pleasure to be here with you today

Oxy: Thank you so much for warm welcome in your community and this session! UniFarmers, it was very interesting to chat!

Rakesh: Its my pleasure to have you guys here
Love the way you interacted with us and looking forward.

Thanks and that means a lot!

With this, we will end today’s AMA with the Hashbon team.
This was interesting!

We’d like to say thank you to all of our supporters, as this wouldn’t have happened with you guys! You HASHkeepers truly are the best!

In the spirit of keeping the wave alive, we’re hosting a mini AMA session in the comment section. Please leave your questions and we’ll be sure to answer them :)

We hope you enjoyed the Cross-AMA with Unifarm as much as we did! We’re looking forward to sharing more of our accomplishments with you all, as we have some exciting news coming your way — Stay Tuned and Stake HASH!

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Finance Reinvented Crypto Ecosystem. Including DeFi CDEX platform Hashbon Rocket, payment gateway Hashbon React and crypto wallet Hashbon Quant

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Hashbon FiRe

Finance Reinvented Crypto Ecosystem. Including DeFi CDEX platform Hashbon Rocket, payment gateway Hashbon React and crypto wallet Hashbon Quant