Hashbon Rocket’s Pre-Sale is Finished!

Dear Hashbon community members and investors!

First, we appreciate much your support and faith in Hashbon Rocket’s launch! We couldn’t have ever run the first-ever Cross-Chain DEX without you.

The Pre-Sale is finished –– many thanks to our 338 early-bird investors!

We are happy to announce that Hashbon Rocket has gathered $921,640!

From the 5th of November, you are invited to claim your HASH — we have prepared a step-by-step guide on how to participate in the token distribution process.

Moreover, we are excited to share a detailed report of Hashbon Rocket’s development for the Pre-Sale period.


  • Project launch on the 4th of May. The ecosystem Hashbon FiRe was developed and introduced. This includes the Hashbon Quant payment gateway and Hashbon React crypto wallet
  • Hashbon Rocket was announced as the third product in Hashbon’s financial lineup marking its entrance on the DeFi sector.
  • HASH token pre-sale was launched.
  • Published our roadmap showcasing a detailed plan for Hashbon Rocket.
  • Hashbon Rocket’s MVP went live on the 9th of September.
  • Launched Liquidity pools so users could exchange tokens. Pools available on the Binance smart chain: HASH token, Binance-USDT. Pools on the Ethereum mainnet: HASH token, Tether-USD.
  • Hashbon’s token contract was audited by CertiK.
  • Platform improvements to present a more user-friendly and intuitive interface.

Development & Infrastructure

  • The smart contract was created and deployed for exchanging tokens over two different chains.
  • Development of a chat bot for the Telegram community.
  • Final optimizations of the platform’s usability (major backend improvements and minor GUI and front end optimizations).
  • Preparation and deployment of a smart contract for distributing tokens purchased during the Pre-sale.
  • Hashbon Rocket’s dApp was designed and fine-tuned prior to the MVP launch.
  • Prepared for the KYC procedure.

Marketing and PR

  • Hashbon Rocket was covered by 10+ top crypto & financial media outlets (Investing.com, NewsBTC, BitCoinist, CoinSpeaker, CryptoDaily, BTCManager, FxLeaders, HackerNoon, ZYCrypto, CrowdFundInsider, etc.).
  • Our project was covered by Chinese, Spanish and Russian media.
  • We participated in the leading blockchain forum in Moscow (Blockchain Life Forum-2021), presented our product and shared our playlist for cosmic challenges.
  • We have run our blog on Hackernoon.
  • We were mentioned by Twitter’s Crypto influences (FlorsBeny, Luciano, RodrigoHeralz, TaylorMusk).
  • Updated Hashbon Rocket’s website to make it smooth and user-friendly, added team’s photos, progress bar for token sale, etc.
  • Updated CoinMarketCap’s HASH profile (token details, contract, project team). +3,500 watchers added HASH to their watchlist.
  • Created HASH’s mascot raccoon, updated our website’s visual style and social media channels, presented Hashbon Rocket’s sticker pack to our Telegram community.
  • Our Telegram community gained up to 29K members, we added new moderators so now our members can get help at any time.
  • We launched our own Hashbon price bot in the Hashbon community channel.
  • Reddit — The number of our followers on our Hashbon Rocket subreddit has grown to almost 3,000!
  • Twitter — We have become much larger on Twitter — Hashbon. We are now at over 4,000+ followers.
  • Instagram — our account Hashbon has crossed the line of obscurity and now we have over 10,000+ followers!
  • Facebook — we have over 1,400+ subscribers who follow Hashbon updates
  • We made a Russian-language TG Channel Hashbon Rocket and Community Hashbon Rocket — this is the first step towards other countries.
  • We have funny crypto-memes about the project.
  • We are preparing an NFT project — details coming soon!
  • We are running monthly reporting on our Medium — follow our news!


During the Pre-Sale period, Hashbon’s team has grown from 33 to 45 persons with the major focus being on developers and marketing specialists.

Coming soon…

Dear investors, please carefully follow the project’s news – we have a secret bonus planned!

Yes, it is about the long-awaited staking (launch date will be announced shortly).

The standard staking terms (APY, %):

  • 1 year — 100%
  • 9 months — 50%
  • 6 months — 25%
  • 3 months — 15%
  • less than 3 months — 10%

The staking terms for the pre-sale participants who bought HASH Tokens on rocket.hashbon.com (APY, %):

  • 1 year — 200%
  • 9 months — 100%
  • 6 months — 50%
  • 3 months — 25%
  • less than 3 months — 15%

Plus, more product updates are coming very soon, please stay tuned and HODL HASH!

Thanks again for all the support you’ve given Hashbon Rocket!

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