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4 min readDec 31, 2021


Happy New Year, HASHkeepers!

We’re starting off the end of the year by saying that 2021 has been a very remarkable year for Hashbon! Not only has Hashbon reached milestones as our Rocket soared to new heights, but we’ve also gained many new members along the way, extending our family of HASH stakers and crypto enthusiasts! We’d like to say that we’re truly glad to have spent this year with you and are excited to explore new horizons with you guys along our side.

“A year ago, Hashbon was a different company. We started off in 2016 and developed as a small team working on a wallet and a payment gateway. Now Hashbon FiRe is an ecosystem, satisfying the community’s CeFi and DeFi cravings. It is all thanks to our Team of Talents and Family of HASH HODLers” — Grigory Bibaev, CEO and Founder of Hashbon.

To keep up traditions, we’d like to rewind for a few minutes and take a look at what 2021 looked like for Hashbon!


  • Development + deployment of HASH token
  • Development and launch of our CDEX platform — Hashbon Rocket. The first HASH-based cross-chain bridge
  • Launch of Hashbon Rocket’s own native staking
  • Enhancements of Hashbon’s CeFi product lineup, focusing on usability optimizations and stability updates
  • Updated the DAPP design: Swap form, Modular window for transactions, placed the menu horizontally on the top side of the page
  • Development + deployment of Hashbon Rocket’s staking smart contract
  • Development + deployment of Hashbon Rocket’s secret staking contract for Pre-sale participants
  • Analytics were added to the staking page
  • Added FAQ for staking and the staking referral program to Hashbon Rocket’s website
  • Added the ability to see the staking page without connecting to the blockchain
  • Hashbon Rocket’s website has been optimized in terms of graphics downloading speed.
  • Published the codes of HASH token, Hashbon Rocket smart contract, Hashbon Rocket frontend, arbiter nodes and the staking smart contract on our GitHub
  • Added new liquidity pairs

Product & Business Development

  • Launched our ICO and successfully raised $921,640 USD, thanks to 338 wonderful early birds!
  • Development of our CeFi + DeFi ecosystem — Hashbon FiRe (Finance Reinvented)
  • HASH Token’s smart contract has been audited by Certik
  • Release of Hashbon Rocket’s Roadmap 1.0
  • Developement of our Roadmap 2.0
  • Partnered with Unifarm in order to provide ERC-20 and BEP-20 farming pools
  • Partnered with CafeSwap and provided BEP-20 HASH Token farming opportunities

Marketing & PR

  • Hashbon’s CeFi and DeFi products were highlighted in countless articles by crypto’s largest media outlets (Yahoo Finance, Investing.com, CryptoDaily, Bitcoin.com, Bitcoinist, Benzinga, CoinGape, CoinSpeaker, NewsBTC, etc.)
  • The project was covered by international media, including Chinese, Russian, French, and Spanish media
  • Hashbon Rocket’s Profiles on CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko were updated to track HASH token and to include details regarding HASH token, Contract, Project and Team
  • HASH token has 4,200+ watchers on CoinMarketCap
  • Our Hashbon Telegram Community is 24,000+ members strong!
  • Announcements of various project features, such as HASH Token native staking, the HASH Token Staking Referral Program, as well as partnerships providing ERC-20 HASH holders with earning opportunities
  • Introduced the Secret Staking for pre-sale participants in our Hashbon Community Telegram chat
  • We’ve conducted all of our bounty campaigns and released payments to all participants. In addition, we’ve made sure to find and release payments to all of our 2018 frozen bounty participants
  • Hashbon’s Social media have been seeing rapid growth (Reddit — 3,000 members, Twitter — 5,300+ members, Instagram — 12K+ followers, FaceBook — 1,500+ followers)
  • Hashbon Rocket has been covered by several YouTube crypto content creators
  • Hashbon’s weekly report has been announced and regularly updated to demonstrate transparency and to provide regular updates for our HASHkeepers
  • We have collaborated with multiple TikTok creators in order to extend our reach and grow our community
  • We launched our own Hashbon price bot in our Telegram community that posts updates on HASH Token’s price twice a day
  • We have created our own sticker pack with our Hashbon Raccoon
  • Set up several bots in our community chat for automatic replies and moderation
  • We have been listed on couple of top watchlists on CoinMarketCap
  • Held a charity campaign on Twitter #CryptoForAnimalRights and made a donation to the International Animal Rescue

Team & Company

  • The team has grown substantially, as we’ve started this year with 11 employees and now we’re recapping the year with a team of 29 members!
  • Both the project’s and Team’s structure have been developed and refined
  • A system has been introduced to motivate the team by providing HASH tokens as options (vesting, standard conditions, vesting period — 4 years, cliff period — 1 year), as well as a system of likes that give employees prizes for demonstrating exceptional work
  • The team got to know each other and met on a personal level as we took part in a 2-day Blockchain Life conference in Moscow. Since Hashbon consists of a team located all over the world, it is an achievement that everyone got to meet as it brought everyone closer, solidifying the Hashbon Family even more


On that note, we at Hashbon conclude the year with a big thank you to all of our early supporters and backers. In fact, a bigger thank you goes out to our supporters who stuck around and those who believe in Hashbon Rocket and see the potential we see in the Hashbon FiRe ecosystem. We’ve had a big year and have bigger plans coming for Hashbon Rocket! We’re excited to share more as we explore what the future has in store for us, and in turn, for HASHkeepers. Happy New Year and Merry Christmas!

Yours truly, the Hashbon Team. :)



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