Hashbon partners with Ontology & ONTO Wallet

We are pleased to announce that HASH Token has been connected to ONTO and is now supported by ONTO wallet.

HASHtraunauts, members of our community, requested that we add the functionality of connecting to Hashbon Rocket using ONTO Wallet. Since this has been a heavily requested feature, we decided that a partnership with ONTO Wallet would be beneficial to all parties involved, including yourself,” — comments Andrey Svininnikov, Chief Business Development Officer.

Source: https://rocket.hashbon.com/
Source: ONTO Wallet

Providing more choices for users is a principle value for Hashbon which is why we have added support for connecting to Hashbon Rocket through ONTO Wallet. Additionally, events were scheduled in order to reward both communities for their support throughout our journey.

  • The AMA session has been conducted in ONTO’s telegram channel (the transcript is available here)
  • The Giveaway for $500 USD worth of HASH is running from 23/02/2022 through 25/02/2022. All you have to do to take part is complete the tasks listed in this Gleam page. At the end of the event, 50 lucky winners will be randomly chosen.
  • However, that’s not all! Along with the ONTO Wallet team, we’re hosting a Staking competition with $3,000 USD in HASH on the line.

Anyone can take part and the rules are extremely simple. The team behind ONTO Wallet have prepared a video guide that explains the process in detailed steps. You may view the guide right here.

The event will run from 25/02/2022 through 04/03/2022.

Now you may be thinking, how can one participate and get a chance at acquiring a large amount of HASH? It’s simple!

1- Install ONTO Wallet

2-Stake at least $10 HASH in the Hashbon staking pool of Hashbon Rocket dApp in ONTO.

Reward Distribution

The first 250 users who stake at least $10 worth of HASH in the staking pool via ONTO Wallet and hold it until the end of the event can each win $10 worth of HASH.

The 300th, 400th, 500th, and 600th users who stake at least $10 HASH can get an extra bonus equivalent to $50, $100, $150, and $200 in HASH in that respective order.

This partnership was part of our increased efforts to reward our community for the support they’ve shown while at the same time, expanding on Hashbon Rocket’s functionality.

ONTO Wallet — A Bit of Background

ONTO is a DID-based gateway for a seamless Web3 experience. The best all-in-one option for securely managing your identities, data, and digital assets, ONTO allows you to manage your crypto assets (including NFTs), perform cross-chain swaps, readily access a variety of dApps, and learn everything important in real time via ONTO news feed.

With ONTO Wallet, users can create an ONT ID, a decentralized digital identity that enables one-click multi-chain wallet address creation and management and fully protects their private data through an encryption algorithm. Users worldwide can download ONTO Wallet now via onto.app or their mobile app store. Desktop users can also install ONTO Web Wallet for web browsers.

With That Being Said

We’re excited about this partnership and you should be too. A lot of HASH Tokens are on the line so ready, set, stake!

P.S. Be sure to follow our socials to be the first to know of any upcoming giveaways and events:

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