HASH Tokenomics

Hello Hashbon community!

We are excited to stand on the brink of the DeFi era with Hashbon. Very soon we are announcing a brand new DEX-project inside of Hashbon FiRe’s ecosystem.

Thanks for all the support and interest in Hashbon and our recently launched token. There is HASH at the very heart of our platform – let’s discover the specifics and purposes of Hashbon’s token, its distribution plan as well as how to acquire your very own HASH for accessing the new DeFi-platform amongst the first.

HASH is a transparent utility BEP-20 and ERC-20 compliant token that can be tracked on EtherScan and BscScan.

The token address is 0xeb1112ac78d537853150e2a07e8b765e29d3f019 for both networks.

Why we issued HASH

Hashbon’s vision is to ease crypto payment processing among users and businesses and make crypto a smooth, transparent and everyday payment method. HASH token will fuel Hashbon’s payment ecosystem as it grows and grants more convenient and frictionless opportunities to crypto enthusiasts.

In 2021, Hashbon brightly sparkles on the cryptocurrency market scene — burning the frames, limits and barriers like a FiRe.

“Finance Reinvented” became our mission and moto appealing to all crypto enthusiasts and community craving for new era of blockchain and decentralized finance development.

HASH token got listed on Uniswap, PancakeSwap and BurgerSwap as well as placed on CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko. Its launch was celebrated with the Bounty Campaign to grant HASH tokens to its participants in early June.

How HASH will be distributed

The total released supply of HASH is 1,000,000,000 tokens.

  • 40% HASH tokens to be sold in private and public sales
  • 40% will be released for the Hashbon team
  • 10% will be distributed for charity
  • 2.5% will be handed out as part of the airdrop and bounty programs
  • 7.5% will be a reward for those staking HASH for 1 year

For initial distribution, we expect to release 17.5% HASH total supply:

  • 5% — Private sale (50,000,000 HASH)
  • 5% — Crowdsale including Pre-Sale (50,000,000 HASH)
  • 5% — Reserve for exchanges (50,000,000 HASH)
  • 2.5% — Bounty, ambassadors, advisors (25,000,000 HASH)

Why to get HASH

HASH is the fuel of Hashbon FiRe crypto payment ecosystem powered by both DeFi and CeFi products. In August 2021, Hashbon is introducing a CDEX platform that enables cross-chain token swaps in a DeFi manner.

HASH token holders will have significant power inside of Hashbon’s DeFi project and ecosystem, e.g.:

  • Arbiters use HASH to increase the weight of their votes and confirm transactions,
  • Owners of liquidity pools pay commissions to arbiters in HASH,
  • Organizers of crowd-sales use HASH to start investment campaigns,

More details and use cases are coming soon — with a DeFi platform we announce this August.

How to get your very own HASH

We are pleased to share detailed instructions on how to acquire HASH tokens — follow this 1–2–3 guide we created using a MetaMask wallet (in the section “How to get HASH”).

Coming soon

Hashbon’s goal is to continue growing and developing cutting-edge projects and services in both CeFi and DeFi fields. The opportunity HASH token is giving us, besides improving the quality of our services, is the ability to fund ideas with speed and diversity that was once impossible — and build a community of crypto enthusiasts across the globe. Follow Hashbon’s news—a new DeFi era is coming!

Should you have any questions, please feel free to drop them in the comments below or in the Hashbon Community Telegram chat. For more information about our Token Metrics and Distribution, check out Hashbon’s website and social networks:

Website | Telegram | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram | Linkedin | Reddit



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