BEP-20 HASH Staking On UniFarm with up to 250% APY

Greetings, Hashbon Community!

We’re back with more exciting news!

We’re pleased to announce that our collaboration with UniFarm has finally catered to BEP-20 HASH holders. This update means that you can stake and earn more BEP-20 HASH on UniFarm.

As we previously stated, our staking mechanism is still in development. However, we want our backers to be able to stake their tokens and receive their profits as early as possible. As part of our increasing efforts to provide you with staking opportunities, we have expanded on our partnership with UniFarm to support BEP-20 HASH tokens. As for ETH-20 HASH holders, you can join our staking at Uniswap launched earlier.

Why Did We Launch Another Farming Pool?

We have received important feedback from our backers. This demonstrated that the majority of HASH holders are holding their token on the Binance Smart Chain, meaning that the UniFarm ETH-20 partnership wasn’t the only relevant option. Thanks to your feedback, we understood that we need to expand UniFarm’s partnership to cater for all HASH holders, whether their tokens are on the Ethereum mainnet or on the Binance Smart Chain.

How Does Farming Work?

It’s simple. You stake one token and farm others available in the pool. Let’s say you stake $HASH:

  • The first WEEK, you farm $HASH
  • The second WEEK, you farm $HASH and $UFARM
  • The third WEEK, you farm $HASH, $UFARM, and $CSS
  • The fourth WEEK, you farm $HASH, $UFARM, $CSS, and $ORO

Ready, Set, Stake!

Staking is an incredibly easy process. Here you may find Unifarm’s comprehensive guide explaining in detail how to stake using your wallet of choice.

The total Reward Pool Size is $200,000 USD

Apart from Hashbon Rocket ($HASH), UniFarm’s Cohort consists of ($CSS), OpenDeFi ($ORO), UniFarm ($UFARM).

Bellow, you’ll find details on how farming works:

  • Stake your BEP-20 HASH token and farm ALL the others.
  • The pool for this Cohort will last for 180 Days.
  • UniFarm guarantees a minimum of 36% APY for this Cohort.
  • Earn up to 250% APY.
  • Maximum user staking limit is $500K per project.
  • Since this pool is on the BSC, BEP-20 HASH can now be staked.

More Upcoming Exciting News, Coming Your Way!

We’d like to point your attention towards the fact that we have started a weekly report. The reason behind this decision is to provide investors with information regarding the development stages of our Rocket. Our goal is to be as transparent as possible. You may follow up with these weekly reports every Monday at 11:00 UTC.

P.S. Stay tuned for any updates by following our social media:

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