ABC How to Run a Hashbon Account

Entering the crypto payment world is not rocket science with Hashbon — let’s go and discover step by step how to run a Hashbon wallet & merchant’s account.

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4 min readMay 26, 2021


Hashbon offers a convenient and comprehensive payment solution both for individual users and online merchants. It is extremely simple to create an account in the Hashbon FiRe ecosystem and get access to all the opportunities of the Hashbon Quant wallet and the Hashbon React payment gateway — let’s get started!

A. Registration

Register an account if you are not still a Hashbon FiRe member (otherwise, log in). You have two options — entering your phone or email. Upon registration using a mobile phone number, you may be sent a verification code that can be delivered via SMS, WhatsApp or spelled via a call.

B. Verification

After entering the account, please complete the verification step — press the “Verification” button in the left bottom part of the screen:

First of all, you should carefully read the Declaration of Eligibility — if both clauses are true for you then click both empty circles to check them:

For identification you’ll need to download one of the personal identity documents — the variety of options depends on the country of origin or citizenship (driver’s license or ID card or passport, for some countries — driver’s license or passport). Please select the country that issued your document and choose the document type appropriate for you then upload it (the uploaded image must be of good quality and all four corners of the documents should be uncropped) and press the “NEXT” button.

The next step is a selfie — face the camera, ensure your face is within the frame, then, slowly turn your head around in a circle.

After completing the facial verification, you will see the following screen:

The verification process on Hashbon FiRe usually takes less than 5 minutes, then the system sends you back to the “Personal Dashboard” tab of the menu on the left corner of the screen. The “Verification” field should turn green:

C. Discover your Unified Personal & Run Business Account

Hashbon FiRe’s ecosystem provides a seamless access to a 2-in-1 personal and business account — both to the Hashbon Quant wallet for individual users and the Hashbon React payment gateway for merchants.

How do you run a merchant’s Business account?

Once you log in, you’ll be automatically operating inside of Hashbon’s personal account –– Hashbon Quant wallet. To enter a merchant’s profile, please press the “Business” switch in the upper left corner of the screen. Then press “Merchant Settings” from the menu on the left side of the screen.


To start accepting payments in crypto, you’ll need to fill in only 6 lines of key information about your business:

  • “SHOP NAME” (Your customers will see it in an invoice),
  • “SHOP WEB SITE” (Your customers will see the link to your shop in an invoice),
  • “NOTIFICATION URL” (Hashbon will send messages to this URL in order to keep you informed about an invoice status),
  • “SUCCESS URL” (Address to which the user will be redirected upon successful payment),
  • “ERROR URL” (Address to which the user will be redirected in the case of a payment error),

Please explore the documentation on how to accept payments.

Hashbon is constantly expanding its ecosystem and improving the user experience — please stay updated with our next posts and guides how to succeed with Hashbon’s products on our website, blog and social networks:

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